As he walks through white snow

Distant fires start to glow

Torches burn in crimson red

Lighting the road ahead

Dusty shadows in his mind

Leave them far behind

White snow turns to blue ice

Black ravens sailing in the skies

His destination is growing near

Strong whiskey to suppress the fear

The black lodge is now in sight

Begging him to come inside



Every software is spying on you — Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter, etc. This article is a list of ways to limit privacy violations

  • Block Facebook Apps.
  • Android and Google Chrome allows you to turn off a lot of tracking. In Settings, in screens like “Manage Your Account” / “Security” / “Location Services”, turn off / delete what you can. Some Examples
  • Get the daily habit of deleting cookies

Talk with Edward Snowden

If you need another reason to hate Apple:



In your lifetime you will commit countless mistakes and lose countless battles

You will be backstabbed by best friends.

You will be cheated on by the love of your life (at that time)

You will be routinely discriminated based on whatever — race, gender, nationality, age, physique, status.

You will…